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  • John With all About the hat!!
  • John with a last minute fish in form of big scale
  • Neil with Mysterio
  • Lauren With Darky

John With all About the hat!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/10/2022

With the road lake coming to the end of the season could it throw up one last biggun? Autum is well and truly set in with night temperatures dropping and the leafs are turning, prime time for a big carp!


First up we have Lauren Stanford who settled into Shingles and wasted no time getting amongst some fish. Fishing 16 wraps straight out, fishing 3 on a spot, fishing IQD rigs with fake corn over the top. On Sunday night she baited regularly setting an alarm for every hour to introduce a few spombs. This proved to be the winning tactic as she utilised the fish moving onto her that night landing 8 carp with the pick of the bunch being Darky at 46lb 4oz. unfortunately it went quiet after that only landing one more carp before going home early on the Friday. The bait mix for the week was sticky krill boilie with corn and mixed onsite particle.  


Next up we have Neil Jaundrell who jumped into Dunkque, sticking to his spots but also reacting to what he saw produced him 5 fish for the week. Catching 3 fish at. 14 wraps towards brambles baiting with 7kg a day of boilie and pellet. After a couple of nights, he heard fish down the right-hand corner in the cage so the following night he put a solid bag on the bottom of the marginal shelf, that night produced neils biggest fish of the week at 50lb, a fish called Mysterio. Neils rig choice was Spinner rig with pop up corn or fake corn inside a solid bag. 


Venue Regular John Allen fished Birches for the week in the hunt of a big common that he’s had his name on for a while, the Jackel! John set out fishing long at 18 wraps which he baited with 3kg of maize a day and then a short spot at 12 wraps towards the corner left of billys. He baited this with 2kg of maize and then just left it, on the second day the short rod was away, and it was a big common! Not the target he wanted but he was buzzing non the less with All about the hat at a new top weight of 67lb and a new road lake Record!!! After topping up the spot with 2kg of maize he left the spot and on Saturday morning before packing up john managed another fish in form of Big Scale at 46lb. John Fished spinner rigs with 4 grains of Micro Maize and baited with purely maize. 


Although the lake was full of anglers it was a hard week on the road lake, most caught but they were small stockies and only the odd one or two, despite the efforts put in. 


Until next time