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  • Graham with Erroll at 48lb 8oz............
  • Graham White with Nailed at 47lb 8oz..........
  • Ian Ockwell with "Mysterio" bending the bar to 45lb 8oz.........
  • The new 40lb Common "Leslie" at 42lb.........
  • Darren Gowler banked "Pac Man" at an awesome weight of 43lb 8oz........
  • Caught Darren in the act playing yet another fish in "Decoy".......
  • 37lb 8oz "Wilbur" joins Darren for a night time cuddle.........

Graham with Erroll at 48lb 8oz............


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/10/2020

Only a few on but they certainly filled the catch report sheet……


So, where do we start, well, first things first it’s still a fair bit nippy but at least the sun did shine for the walk round. We had only 3 anglers gracing us this week, Graham, Ian and Darren so this gave a massive choice for swims. The previous week if you have had a read only was fished by 1 angler and only during the days from “T1”. It yielded many a chunk so obviously this was prime to be chosen first and in popped Ian, his friend Graham decided to slip down 2 pegs to his left in “Goo” and Darren decided to have a go in “Birches”


In true catch report style we start with the peg that did the biggest wacker and we have to say hats of to Graham “chalky” white in “Goo”. The thing I loved about watching Grahams week unfold was he listened open minded on the walk round, didn’t chose a swim that he couldn’t get the most out of, fished well within his casting abilities and had the energy and patience too. Graham said to me on the walk round id love to catch a 30lber, I made the massive mistake of saying “no problem your gonna bag a 30 mate”. Well the first evening and chalky was in, could this be the dream week already in the bag?? A bloody 15lber haha but this was only the start the next morning he rod was away and this was much bigger, the call came in there was a lump in the net, and a lump it was, “Erroll” span the scales to 48lb 8oz. Wahay job done!!!! PB and Grahams wishes completed and exceeded on the first morning of the trip. Graham opted to fish just 12 wraps out spanning them out and using a throwing stick to scatter boilies between all 3 rods, Sticky Baits Krill and opting to use Drigs and match the hatch bottom baits with the odd spomb of maize was deadly. 13 fish was “chalkies” tally bagging 5 x 40’s including “Nailed” at 47lb 8oz and “Little Top Lobe” at 46lb 4oz. It was a pleasure to meet you pal you fished your little socks off and reaped the rewards, we hope to see you again very soon!!!.........


Just up in Tea Party 1 we had Mr “Ian Ockwell”, no stranger to the complex Ian was here just a short time ago fishing on the Main Lake but had booked this trip with his good friend as a change of scenery. I don’t think his trip could have got off to a better start really, I mean coming out number 1 in the draw and chosing the going swim. Ian adopted a very similar method of fishing out at 16 wraps in between the church spire and turtles and scattering boilie in that general area. Simple Drigs and match the hatch Sticky Baits Krill as hook bait. Shocker that it didn’t take Ian long to get in on the action banking a low 20 on the first morning. Then in exactly the same way as Graham did he went and smashed out a 45lb 8oz chunk in the form of “Mysterio”. That was it then, Ian was consistent daily, the baiting strategy worked, and he repeated the process daily banking a colossal 20 fish for the week including 4 x 40s. It was so unlucky not for Ian to bag a 50 plus fish, but I think he actually caught the most special one of the week. Ian landed a 42lb Common, now those who have been before no just how much us bailiffs love identifying commons!!!!!! Did you notice the sarcasm!!!!! We pray for a strange scale pattern or scar but this 42lber looked amazing. I searched for hours for her to no avail, I even gave up and passed the book to boss man Andy. In the end we both agreed, she was an unknown!! All these years in the hiding, its amazing how many times a year this still happens. Ian named her “Leslie” what an honour to name a 40lber, top angling my friend and we shall see you soon!!..............


Last but no means least Mr Darren Gowler, who started off his week setting up camp in “Birches” I don’t think Darren would beat me up over this and he knows it himself, but this was a mistake. Perhaps just acting on natural instincts rather than listening to the walk round of what the fish’s activity had been but nether less this was his starting point. It was clear from the off Darren is a top angler and set about having a lead about, he knew the bar was out around 18 wraps and this is where the Mainline Hybrid and Sweetcorn loose feed was spombed out fishing combis with the hybrid with a few changes throughout the week. The first night was kind though and he nailed a 23lb 8oz mirror, but in the side of his head he could hear the fish boshing away in numbers down in Decoy, he stuck it out a second night, still picking up another 2 fish all be it doubles and yet still the earth shook in Decoy. That was all he could stand and off he popped to move up 2 pegs to “Decoy” to fish the bund at 16 wraps and a nice little single rod on 18 ½ to the corner of “Cage” After picking up a low 20 as the first fish the rod slammed round again and this one was bigger. They do cause you caos whipping out rods left right and centre but as I said earlier Darren knows his stuff and guided in that 40 lber he so rightly deserved!!!!..... 43lb 8oz of “Pac Man” lay there before him and they call came in for some piccies with the big girl. Darren deserved a few bigger fish, he constantly had action and really put in the graft but sometimes on a lesser fished week the fish just have so many periods of time when they can drift away from pressure. A dozen fish on your first trip though with a 40 under your belt and backed up with “Wilbur” at 37lb 8oz isn’t to shabby. I’m sure we will see you back mate with those big girls in mind or even a switch over lakes eh, well in and keep those lines tight.


It was a pleasure looking after these 3 legends this week they all fished well and in total to bank 45 fish between 3 anglers is some fantastic results.


Until next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk….