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  • Dale Diamond, 52lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 41lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 41lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 40lb 8oz, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 38lb 8oz, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 38lb 8oz, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 36lb 4oz, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 36lb 4oz, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 33lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 33lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Dale Diamond, 33lb, Billy's, 9,6,18
  • Preparation and versatility is essential.
  • PVA Bags and Sticks.....Instant Attraction
  • Running COGs are as good as it gets.
  • Zigs will usually pick up bonus fish....try them out.
  • Ben Grimmer, 41lb, The Cage, 9,6,18
  • Ben getting the Gigantica PB treatment!
  • Chris Grimmer, 33lb 4oz, The Cage, 9.6.18
  • Chris Grimmer, 33lb 4oz, The Cage, 9.6.18
  • Claus Tilman, 33lb 4oz, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • John Daly, 44lb, Tea Party 1, 9.6.18
  • Come on.....the suspense is killing my. Have I got a New PB?
  • John Daly, 37lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 9.6.18
  • Uwe Tilman, 33lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Uwe Tilman, 33lb, Turtle Corner
  • Uwe Tilman, 36lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Uwe Tilman, 37lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Uwe Tilman, 37lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Uwe Tilman, 42lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Brian Tuck, 32lb 8oz, The Poo, 9.6.18
  • Brian Tuck, 32lb 8oz, The Poo, 9.6.18
  • We are always on hand to help with water shots.

Dale Diamond, 52lb, Billy's, 9,6,18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/06/2018

No Sex Please, We're British!


It’s that time of year again, where the carp throw themselves into the rigours of spawning, and it can affect sport, while they go through the once a year shagging fest! With most of the fish having got it out of their system, there was a much better spread of fish around the lake; and with temperatures into the mid twenties there was sure to be a few bites.


When we do the draw at Gigantica, it is a watercraft draw and someone has to come out last. That dubious honour fell to Dale Diamond this week. With some of the lads wanting to fish together, he found himself with the option of fishing in the consistent Billy’s swim. He started off fishing across to the right hand margin at 17 wraps and 9 wraps respectively. Initially he baited the spots lightly by hand from the bank, with chopped and whole Mainline Link Boilie and Gigantica pellet. He managed a fish on Saturday night before they moved onto him in numbers. This heralded the start of a brilliant week, where he continually changed tactics to keep a run of bites coming. In one frantic evening spell he landed nine fish, seven of which were over 30lb! He caught fish on Pop-Ups, Wafters, Bottom Baits, Zigs and Solid PVA bags, which demonstrates that to get the best from the swim you need to be versatile and keep working during the week. He finished with 27 fish up to 52lb; consisting of one x 50, three x 40’s, eight x 30’s, eleven x 20’s and 4 doubles. He used 30 kg of Mainline Link boilies during a brilliant  week.


Chris Grimmer went into The Cage, with his son Ben, which has some great Spring form. The bed of Potamageton weed that grows in there is a fish magnet at this time of year. Chris followed the advice of the bailiff, and baited up a close in marginal area to the right with 3 kg of Baitworks Royal Marine, and then fished two rods straight out at 13 wraps over 2kg of the same bait. During the night, the fished moved into the corner, and his snowman hookbait was picked up at first light. After flipping a coin, Ben had the first take, and duly wound in a whopping 41lb Common which he named the Grim Reaper! Chris used running COG leads, with IQ D-Rigs, tied up with 20lb IQ2 and Size 2, Krank hooks. During the remainder of the week, between them they landed a further eight fish to 33lb 4oz.


Claus Tilman came second in the draw and went into the ever-popular Turtle Corner. The fish were showing reasonably close in front, and to the right, so Claus went in with IQ D-Rigs and Banoffee wafters at 16 wraps towards the dot island. He baited up with the throwing stick, using Black Label Baits boilies; putting in a couple of kilos to start with, and then topping up regularly, to keep the fish interested. With the fish still moving around the lake in groups, it was a case of catching a couple when they were in front, and then making sure there was enough bait to stop them when they came back into the area. Claus steadily picked up fish, and despite losing a few, still managed to land eight fish during the week. The best one being a 42lb 8oz Mirror. He backed this up with four x 30’s, three x 20’s. 


John Daly had the honour of picking up ball one, and chose Tea Party 1, where it was evident there were a few fish in the area. John sensibly decided to fish at a range he was comfortable baiting (16 wraps). He started off fishing three rods together towards Turtles, and baited up the left hand margin ready for later in the week. After a few days with no action, John decided he would move two rods off the baited area. One he put out to 20 wraps, and the other went down the baited margin. All of a sudden it happened! He had a pick up from the 16 wrap baited area, and while playing that had another bite from the margin. Chaos ensued, but luckily, Andy the bailiff was on hand to assist. After the carnage, John had two fish in the same net at once; a pretty double figure mirror and a cracking new 44lb PB Mirror known aptly as “Cracker”. A quick recast also resulted in a 29lb PB Common ten minutes later….what an evening for John. He picked up a few more fish towards the end of the week, finishing with eight fish. John used Boss Baits boilies and fished Pop-Ups over the top.


Road Lake regular Uwe Tilman picked out number three and decided he would fish next door to his father in Shingles. He fished at 18 wraps towards the dot island with two rods, and had one down the left hand margin, where there were a number of fish holding up. Uwe also fished with wafters over the top of Black Label Baits boilies, which he put in with the throwing stick. It was a tricky week in Shingles, but with consistent baiting, Uwe picked up three fish, two 20’s, and a 30. Andy the bailiff intervened after a series of lost fish, and stripped the rigs down to a simple running rig, Dark Matter Tubing, IQ D-Rigs on Size 2 Kurv Shank hooks (running rigs rule on the Road Lake). Playing the fish on barbless hooks requires smooth and steady pressure. Erratic movements, which reduce tension on the hook-hold can often result in the fish ditching the hook.


Brian Tuck set his stall out in The Poo, where he hoped to snare one the lakes larger residents from down the right hand margin. He fished all three rods staggered towards Turtles Corner at 6, 8 and 10 wraps. He also used Boss Baits boilies, and fished Pop-ups over the top. In the early part of the week, the fish appeared to be on holiday, but being patient, Brian landed a previously uncaught 33lb Common, which nearly pulled all his rods in the lake! A couple of hours later he had another bite and a pretty 20lb Common made it’s way into the net. Good, patient angling.


Steve Tearle opted for Decoy and decided to fish straight out in front at 18 wraps, and down towards the bund at 14 wraps. After a quiet couple of days, the fish moved in front of the bund and Steve managed to land a nice mid 20 from the 14 wrap spot towards the bund, which he had baited with Mainline FYBER and Gigantica pellet. 


Graham started in Bachelier’s,but after one night decided on a move to Birches, so he could be near his mates for the week. He fished straight out in front at 18 wraps, and down to the left towards the old Tea Party 2 swim. He baited up with the Spomb, using Mainline FYBER, and towards the end of the week, he finally got a chance in open water and landed a brace of lovely looking 20’s. A good reward for a tricky week, where the fish didn’t spend a lot of time in the open water in that area of the lake.


As with all lakes, the carp have to spawn; and it looks like it has finally come to an end. There was some really good angling this week, and the final tally was 59 fish consisting of: one x 50, five x 40’s, seventeen 30’s, twenty six 20’s and ten doubles.


With spawning out of the way, the next few weeks will see the fish continually spread out and get on the feed, to regain the weight they’ve lost. Exciting times ahead.


Good Luck and Tight Lines




Team Gigantica