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  • mark Dyer 47lb Tea Party 1 26.8.17
  • Mark Dyer 39lb Tea Party 1 26.8.17
  • Mark Dyer 34lb Tea Party 1 26.8.17
  • Mark Dyer 33lb 12oz 26.8.17
  • Mark in T1 set up..
  • Mark Dyer's rig
  • Andy Reynolds 44lb8oz Birches 26.8.17
  • Andy Reynolds 42lb8oz Birches 26.8.17
  • Andy Reynolds 38lb Birches 26.8.17
  • Andy Reynolds 37lb Birches 26.8.17
  • Andy Reynolds 34lb Birches 26.8.17
  • Andy Reynolds 34lb Birches 26.8.17
  • Mick Chaffin 45lb4oz New beach 26.8.17
  • Mick Chaffin 41lb8oz New beach 26.8.17
  • Mick Chaffin 27lb New beach 26.8.17
  • Kenny Hawkings 46lb6oz The Poo 26.8.17
  • Kenny Hawkings 46lb5oz The Poo 26.8.17
  • Kenny Hawkings 44lb6oz The Poo 26.8.17
  • Kenny Hawkings 42lb12oz The Poo 26.8.17
  • kennt's rig
  • Roger Seymour 32lb8oz 26.8.17
  • The Club house on the Road lake
  • Mark Lealford 43lb8oz Shingles 26.8.17
  • Mark Lealford 36lb Shingles 26.8.17
  • Mark Lealford 33lb Shingles 26.8.17
  • Rea with a 36lb Mirror from Brambles 26.8.17
  • George Treadwell 44lb8oz Billys 26.8.17
  • George Treadwell 44lb8oz Billys 26.8.17
  • Another Fantastic week with a great bunch of Lads

mark Dyer 47lb Tea Party 1 26.8.17


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/08/2017

The Fat Fish tackle group, and a few new customers have smashed it on the road lake with over 100 takes!


What a week here on the Road lake with a total of 96 carp being landed. Ten of those carp were over 40lb, and there were Loads of PB broken to this week. Great angling lads. With the weather being really hot and temperatures up in the 30’s for most of the week it didn’t stop these lads from catching.

Mark Dyer was set up in Tea Party 1.  Over the week he landed 29 carp. Mark had 6 x doubles, 11 x 20’s, 11 x 30’s up to 39lb and a cracking common called Mr Massive at 47lb8oz.  All three of his rods were cast straight out at 20 wraps inline with Turtles corner.  Mark was baiting up every day with eight kilos of Nash Scopex Squid boilies, he was using the IQ D rig with a Nash Scopex Squid wafter as his hook bait, he also smashed his PB, great angling. 

Andy Reynolds was set up in Birches.  He had one rod out to the left at 14 wraps, and his right hand rod and the middle rod was cast straight out in front of him at 16 wraps.  During the week Andy used 40kg of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies, he was using a D rig with a Manilla wafter as his hook bait. Over the week Andy landed 17 carp, 3 x doubles 3 x 20’s, 9 x 30’s to 38lb and a 42lb mirror called Joner, and backing that up with The Decoy at 44lb8oz, what a week for The Boss of Fat Fish Tackle.

Mick Chaffin went into the New Beach, he had his left hand rod cast a 16 wraps up the left had margin, Mick’s other two rods were cast over towards the bund, where he was fishing with a 14ft zig on both rods, over the week he landed 16 carp, 6 x doubles, 7 x 20, a 31lb mirror and 2 x 40’s, Ron’s at 45lb4oz and Wedge at 41lb. Over the week Mick only used 5kg of boilies, as most of his fish come on zigs.

Kenny Hawkins went into The poo he decided to put two rods straight out at 10 wraps inline with shingles and his other rod was cast at 8 wraps inline with Turtle’s Corner, Kenny was baiting up after every fish and just before dinner, over the week he used 35kg of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies, he had a total of 5 carp which four of them were over 40lb, Hansen at 46lb6oz which is a new PB Mirror. Amstel at 46lb5oz, The Box Mirror at 44lb6oz and Mable at 42lb12oz which is a new PB Common for Kenny. A simple Knotless knot with a size 4 hook with a Manilla bottom bait toped with a Manilla yellow pop up snowman style. The Poo is now being changed to ‘40’s bay’. Great angling Kenny.

Roger Seymour decided to go in Turtle Corner and throughout the week he had 2 x doubles, 3 x 20’s to 26lb and Three cracking 30’s to 32lb7oz.  His left hand rod was cast along the left hand margin at 18 wraps, his middle rod was at 15 wraps towards Tea party 1 and the right hand rod was cast at 15 wraps this was inline with Tea Party 2.  Roger was baiting up with two kilos of boilies over each spot every day just before tea.  Over the course of the week he used a total of 15 kilos of Mainline Cell boilies, and rig wise he was using the IQ D rig with a Cell wafter as his hook bait.

Mark Lealford was set up in Shingles, and over the course of the week he had 7 carp.  3 x doubles, 1 x 20s, 2 x 30s to 36lb and a 43lb8oz common called Pin Scale.  He found a spot at 64 yards just to the right of the the island, Mark was baiting up every day with 3 kg of Mainline Fishmeal boilies.  He had all three rods placed tight together over the spot, using a IQ D rig with a size two Korda kurv hook and a new Mainline fishmeal wafter as his hook bait.

George Treadwell was in Billys and he had a total of 5 carp for the week. Two double, 2 x 20’s to 29lb 8oz and the Unknown common at 44lb8oz.  George had two rods at 20 wraps inline with Tea Party 2, and the third rod was cast to the right hand margin at 17 wraps towards the over hanging tree.  Over the week he used 30kg of Sticky baits Manilla boilies.  He would bait up after every fish just to keep them interested, he was using a blow back rig with a manilla boilie topped with a manila yellow pop up snowman style for hook bait.

Matt Hemsley went into Decoy. He had a total of five carp for the week, one double and 3 x 20’s up to 29lb8oz and a 30lb8oz mirror. Matt had two rods straight out at 15 wraps and his other rod was cast down to the bund at 12 wraps.  Matt was baiting up every day with 5kg of boilies, and like many he was using every faithful IQ D rig with Banoffee wafters.  A winning formula on the Road Lake.

Rea decided to go into the Brambles swim.  He had all three rods out at 16 wraps, Rea spoded out a kilo of boilies over each rod every day just before dinner.  An IQ D rig with a wafter done the trick to land a cracking 36lb Mirror and a 22lb5oz common.

John Dolling AKA ‘Big John’ started in the Cage, but after no action he decided to move into Dunkerque.  It wasn’t long before he was into his first fish, a 23lb8oz grass carp.  This came on a standard blow back rig with a Mainline Cell bottom bait, he was casting straight out at 12 wraps.  He spodded out a couple of kilos of boilies and half kilo of the Gigantica pellets onto his spot. John was such a lovely guy it’s a shame there were not many fish in his swim. Better luck next time John, with all the help from the bailiff on site we could only manage 1 fish for the week, but over all john said he had such a great time and meet some great people.

Mark Reed went into Bachelier’s his left hand rod was cast at 21 wraps up the left hand margin, marks other two rods were cast out at 17 wraps inline with single boards, he baited up each spot with three kilos of Sticky Bait Manilla boilies, it wasn’t long before mark was into his first carp a 24lb mirror, and he then had a small double. After no action mark went down to Slags bay were he tried to catch some of the carp which were left in there after we had the bund put in.

Well that’s it for another week here on the Road Lake, we had another great bunch of lads out again this week.

Please remember that we only allow the pellets that we supply to be used at the lake, these cost 60 € for a 20kg sack and can be reserved by calling us in advance of your trip ready for your arrival.  10kg bags of frozen boilies from Mainline can also be reserved and purchased onsite, again you can call to reserve these too.  We have an onsite tackle shop as well stocking a selection of tackle from Korda that can be purchased during your stay should you need anything whilst at Gigantica.

Lunches are also available to be delivered to your swim each day, these cost 4 € a day and consist of a baguette with a choice of fillings.  Please see the bailiff onsite to arrange this.  All food, tackle and bait onsite must be paid for in euros and cash only at the lake.


Slack lines.




Angler Comments

Lake, Facilities, Staff



Beautiful settings, well Maintained, and Quite most of the time,There is a road and airstrip nearby, but neither were an annoyance!



The loan Equipment was good; The Bike hire was a big help! But maybe a little maintained would help, Great showers and toilets, the food was excellent! good and plenty of it.



Buzz was amazing, nothing was ever to much trouble, if you had a problem he would sort it! His lake and fishing Knowledge were excellent, his willingness to offer to help, and give instruction were great- Especially to an old fat like me LOL, he was friendly, curtious and smiling all the time.


Didn’t have a lot of contact with him but when I did he was also friendly and curtious, when I mentioned I was not keen on two of the meals, it was not a problem he would cook me soothing else.


Big John…