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  • Josh with a stunning 30.08lb common
  • Gary with a 21lb mirror
  • Gary & Danny Fairbrass with a 22lb Common
  • Steve, Danny and Pete with a 27.04lb common
  • Danny and Barty in action
  • Steve with a 26.08lb mirror
  • Barty loves to pose
  • John, Gary and Josh with a 31lb Mirror
  • Peter, Dan and Steve with a 28lb Common
  • Mike in action with the camera
  • Pete with a 19lb common
  • Josh with a 20+ common

Josh with a stunning 30.08lb common


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/06/2013

With the Road Lake being quiet for the past few weeks it has given the fish time to move around the lake without any pressure and I’m sure that this will give the anglers this week a massive edge.

The father son duo of Peter and Steve chose to fish in The Goo and The Poo, both of these swims drop into deep water very close in and then stay fairly flat at this depth throughout the rest of the swim.  On the walk around they had spotted fish patrolling close to the edge so decided to fish only a couple of rod lengths out and throw a couple of kilos of chopped Hybrid boilie, whole Hybrid boilie and our Gigantica pellets over the top on a daily basis.  Hookbait of choice was between our Banoffee wafters or our Hybrid wafters.  The standard out of the pot baits worked very well but with The Goo it added extra attraction and got bites quicker.  Between them they landed 15+ fish including commons of 28lb, 23lb, 20lb and mirrors of 27lb 4oz, 26lb 8oz and 21lb backed up with upper doubles.

Garry (Barry, Dave, Bill, Fred, Bernard) chose to fish in Tea Party 2.  This is a very productive swim and Gary found success fishing the tree line to the left of the island.  Gary started off by baiting up with a small amount of Hybrid and Pellets, bites came very quickly on the first night but as the week went on we found that the more bait over the spots the better the fish reacted to feeding and stayed in the area for a lot longer allowing repeat bites, whereas a little amount of bait would of only got one bite.  Spodding out a couple of kg of pellet twice a day and topping up with 20-30 baits in the throwing stick every hour is enough to keep the attraction in the swim, and he had bites within seconds of the first boilie hitting the surface, dinner bell.  Gary caught a total of 17 fish including eight 20+ up to 26lbs.

John fishing in The Birches swim had a few fish early on fishing in the margins, but after a couple of days the action had slowed right up.  Midway through the week I helped John to locate a gravel bar at 18RL towards Billy’s swim.  It wasn’t a bar as such but more of a gravel area, it is 21ft deep over the gravel and slowly sloped off in to around 24ft of water.  John decided to spod around 5kg of Pellet over the top and then using the throwing stick spread about 3kg of Hybrid boilies.  This baiting seemed to really work, big beds of pellets mixed in with Hybrid boilies are really attracting the fish into areas at the moment and they wont leave a single bit of bait.  John repeated this baiting strategy for the rest of the week and landed loads of fish including mirrors & commons of 20lb+ and a 18lb grass carp, plus a lovely 31lb Common.

Josh started the week fishing in Tea Party 1 with two rods just off the marginal shelf a couple of rod lengths out, and then his third rod poaching his old man up against the tree line of Tea Party 2 (good skills).  Action came quick on all rods but on Wednesday he decided to move up into Decoy (probably to get away from his old man), there is a lovely gravel bar at 23RL and Josh baited this with around 10kg of Hybrid boilies throughout the week and caught 18 fish including plenty of 20’s and a 30lb 8oz mirror.

All of the fish were caught on simple blow back rigs or KD style rigs, you really don’t need to complicate things as the fish are not overly pressured and a lot have yet to see the bank.  The anglers purchased some of our DF rigs, IQ-D rigs and KD ready tied that we sell on site and found using Hybrid wafters and Banoffee wafters to be successful, also adding Goo to the bait worked well for quick bites.

Angler Comments

Gary - "First time at Gigantica, first class fishery.  Special thanks to Mike & Barty, nothing was to much trouble and helped improve my fishing. Brilliant runs water and the fish are in excellent condition".

Josh - "Excellent and freindly staff, fishing was brilliant as was the food".

Pete - "Had an excellent week, bailiffs are freindly and knowledgeble.  Barty is a wingnut".